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Business Owners

Starting a business is a lot like starting a family: you take a leap of faith knowing that the outcome will change your life forever, nurture the business as it grows, and focus on the end goal of creating a lasting legacy. Your business is your wealth, and your responsibilities financially extend beyond just you; taking care of your employees is an ongoing commitment. Through the years, you will be tasked to make some key decisions that will make a lasting impact on your business – we are here to help.

Why Business Owners Partner with Jansen Wealth Management


Our experience is our strength. We act as your partner and sounding board for ideas, provide cost comparisons for employee benefits, such as company sponsored retirement plans, and give you insights on corporate tax strategies. We want to grow with you!


Your focus and energy each day should be on running, growing, and managing your business. We are here to help you manage and delegate your financial life and handle employee questions about your company retirement plan to save you time.


We have developed relationships with all types of businesses and professionals that we can refer you to in order to provide a high-quality service provider for your business. These include accountants, CPAs, insurance providers, and attorneys.


We are happy to work alongside your active CPA, business advisor, attorney, or anybody else you give us permission to, so that we can provide the best possible outcomes for you and your business needs.